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Project |01 AlertMD by Rulester

We improve your operational performance by providing focus on the parameters of your business that need the most attention. We analyze the hundreds or thousands of parameters that may change in your world everyday and present only those which are leading indicators of impending issues.

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Project |02 Statisfied

You love the game, you play every week. Your team won, you're excited, but how did YOU do?


STATISTIFIED is the place where you can get all your stats for all your games. Share it with your friends! Want to improve? Track your progress with us!

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Project |03 Program for Torture Victims

The Program for Torture Victims (PTV) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that rebuilds the lives of torture survivors from over 70 countries who have stood up for freedom, democracy, and human dignity. The first organization of its kind in the country, PTV has helped heal the wounds of thousands of survivors through comprehensive services, empowering them to reenter society, reclaim their identities, and work toward a world without torture.

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